The members of PCPC3 consider full transparency of the group’s statements and actions to be a paramount social priority. To that extent, it has been agreed as a set of founding principles that

  • Management of PCPC3 will be rotated among its members and a formal management structure for PCPC3 will be put in place as soon as possible.
  • All conflicts of interest (including potential conflicts of interest) must be declared and avoided whenever possible.
  • All appearance of bias must be avoided to strengthen our actions and positions on specific issues.
  • Management of any and all funds that may be raised in the name of PCPC3 must be appropriately overseen, and an accurate accounting of the use of such funds should always to available to all members of PCPC3 and to all those providing such funding.
  • A specific process for inviting, dis-inviting, electing, and removal of full and/or affiliate members of the group is essential.